Still here

I haven't written in awhile. The slight improvement in weather has pushed me outdoors. I've been running, I've been biking. I've been making photographs and also working on this.
Don't worry, I'm still passionate about things handmade that provide warmth on blustery days. In the spirit of such warm things, I'm particulary thrilled about the recent engagement of two of my dear friends. Right on schedule the wedding plans have commenced, bringing to light the work of some truely talented folks in the industry. The above photo was taken by Whitebox Weddings, a favorite recommendation to my dear friend bride-to-be. I agree these two ladies have a eye for details on the big day, and happen to think this is the cutest, most clever engagement photo ever taken!
photograph by Whitebox Weddings

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Elizabeth said...

Dude! Whitebox is $$$! Was hoping the photography wouldn't cost more than the food ;)

Andy gets "executive photographer choice" rights but will certainly send you all my leads so you can advise him!