The psychology of design

Lately, I've had the urge to rearrange. Since as long as I can remember I've always used my home spaces as sets for styling. When I was young, my dresser top had a new arrangement of objects and themes every few weeks. After leaving the nest, and beginning to work in the photo industry, I can distinctly recall explaining to roommates that they should start thinking of our apartment as perpetually being styled for a photo shoot. Now that I have my own place, every room is at my mercy. Lunch breaks are filled with architecture and design magazines and drawings of my place in 'plan' view on napkins and scrap paper. After taking a quick genealogical poll I come up with at least two previous generations with the habit. Do you rearrange or know someone that does? I wonder why one gets this urge. A need for change or order? Spring Fever? Or simply an outlet for creative energy, perhaps. Whatever it is, I seem to catch it every six months or so. This latest bout has lead me to a much more minimal sleeping room. The goal being distraction free relaxation. To continue on this idea I'm tossing around paint chip color and wallpaper combinations. Yellow and grey is my latest obsession. Yellow says cheerful to me and grey brings calm. But I wonder if grey would be gloomy on days when the sky matched my walls. Or maybe paired with yellow it will be in perfect balance. Do you have a favorite color combination for a peaceful space? photograph by gina houseman

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hello darling! i love your blog, so glad to have found it. i too get the need for design, layout, change bug. i just can't seem to make up my mind. my bedroom has been constant source of debate. i have decided on the things to fill it up, but the paint and curtains leave me perplexed.
your idea of gray and yellow is wonderful. did you see that Mimosa yellow is Pantone's color of the year? If you are worried about the tone of grey maybe make it one that has a twinge of a secondary color - like blue, lavender, or green. something that gives that extra interest to the eye, and keeps those dreary days positive and bright - rather than dark and gloomy.

love you!