October & November

The past two months have flown by! Above are some highlights. I went on a self directed oyster tour/vacation to Maine, saw the fall colors in the Midwest, dressed scary for the first time this Halloween (the best!), and cooked good savory food. I printed two new holiday designs with bright red liners and shipped to shops like a madwoman. Finally I sold at Renegade Craft fair Brooklyn, for the first time ever. All whirlwind goodness! Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Savory (not sweet): Walter's

An afternoon visit to Walter's found an amazing logo and cool tile floors. And the oysters weren't bad either. 
Photos by Papersheep

Dailywear Tuesday

Last day of my weekly daily wear. Hopefully I have solidified the habit of dressing for work at the home office. XO
Lucca Couture zipper-sleeved sweater, black leggings, Nine West high ankle leather boots.
photo by Papersheep

DailyWear Autumn Monday

Happy Monday everyone! With a slight autumn chill in the air, I'm feeling this cozy boyfriend sweater with skinny black pants and suede ankle boots. Ready to get some work done! Allons-y! XO

Printer's Daily Wear

I'm heading to the print studio today, so a little more casual, but fun to dress the t-shirt and jeans with a colorful scarf (Lucky Brand) and new fall jacket with leather trim (H&M). Gotta look good getting there! And don't forget my pastel lemon Chucks.

Dailywear Thursday

In order to reinforce my new habit (dressing for work at the home office), which I'm doing to create my intention of more focused work throughout the day, I'm sharing my outfit every work day for a week. Today I'm wearing some favorites; Feist concert tee (American Apparel), pink flowy skirt (Moon Collection), diamond print leggings (Charlotte Russe), vintage Chanel earring, re-purposed as a brooch.
Photo by Papersheep

Wearing your brand

Two forces have conspired to get me to write this post. First is a discussion that came up at my Supper Club (a group of female stationery business owners in Brooklyn, that I organize monthly to get together and share ideas and supper). The topic was about working from home and do you work in your pj's or get dressed for the day. The group was split, but my girl Courtney (whom is super successful) said she dressed for the day. She initially gave reasons of her assistant was coming to her apartment daily and she was answering the door to the delivery guy. But she also stated the reason of taking the work day seriously and getting dressed put her in that work day mentality. The other source of inspiration was from the blog of Jess Lively, whom is all about living a life With Intention. I love to read her blog, and found this video about when to spend a little more on clothes if it means promoting your brand. I LOVE this idea. All about the right style, quality, and color to translate your brands aesthetic and intentions. Watch Jess' viedo here and Admire my wise friends beautiful work here
Photo by Papersheep

Studio love/envy

If you haven't heard of the amazing blog Oh Joy, then you haven't ever looked at my 'link love' list, because I've been visiting this lovely space for years now. Joy has a wonderfully modern aesthetic that brings in bright colors in subtle but dynamic ways. Kinda like a white business card with neon pink edge painting. She is also really great at embracing the feminine, which is something I love to celebrate. While following a career path in graphic and product design, she contributed to her blog and grew a large audience which eventually led to design collaborations and several books. Long story short she is definitely someone in the industry I admire. After 8 years of working at home she has secured a studio space in LA and with the help of stylist Emily Henderson and interior designer Samantha Gluck, transformed it into a design studio CandyLand. I can't stop staring at these photos! In serious awe of these talented ladies!
Photos via Oh Joy & Emily Henderson