Old becomes new

I've been thinking a lot about paper lately. And it's because, we've all been hearing quite a bit about our new found electronic communication. We flirt via text message, ponder via twitter burst, and converse through email. News and entertainment alldevoured online. Do kids in school still even pass notes? Do they fly paper airplanes?
Well the Dundler Mifflin's of the world may be worried, but I'm not. I still believe that people like to announce their happiest events on something solid, and tangible. I also think this gives paper a chance to reinvent it's purpose. Above are some invitations I made for two of my favorite peoples' wedding. Recipients said how much they liked the heavy stock and the tactile feel of the letterpressed design. I'm working on some new ideas for another announcement of sorts and wondering what I can do to push the envelope (oh yes, pun intended). My latest quest is see of I can continue to use this traditional form of printing to express modern day taste. photographs by gina houseman


Elizabeth said...

GORGEOUS!! We could do something like these flowers here: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/perfect-palettes-orange-pink-yellow?lnc=&rsc=lpg&lpgStart=1&currentslide=8&currentChapter=1#ms-global-breadcrumbs

for less than $2,477! geez louise. perhaps you should quit your job and become an invitation maker?

Katy Kelley said...

Well well well! Matt & Kristen getting all dolled up for the second time around eh? If I ever get married, methinks you will have to do the invites.