Target: Designer Threads for less

Don't you just love creative expression through personal style? Especially when you spot someone on the sidewalk that has a perfectly crafted and totally orginal look that suits them to a tee. Additionally falling in love with all those gorgeous creations that float or strut down the runways during fashion week. However, appreciating the expertise of the professionals AND being about to affordably integrate it into your own look is the ultimate experience. Which is why I say, in equal parts sheepish and proud, that my pal Frannie and I were at the Queens Target at 930am on a Sunday morning to be the first to pour over the culmination of the Go International Designer Collaboration collection. Normally I am not one for any 'Black Friday' experience nor will you ever find me lined up for days outside a retailer just to be the first to purchase something. But shopping in peace and having the full range of sizes and styles to choose from was heaven! Pictured above is what I walked away with. A very happy Sunday indeed.

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