Time to grow

All this rain may be a little gloomy for summer lovers, but I'm hoping it makes for a lush crop of veggies and flowers from my local farmers. As it turns out, Brooklynites are really good about making use of the sun, rain, and outdoor space. On my morning walk I witnessed blackberry bushes, rose gardens, flowering trees, and an abundance of window box planters. Although I long for an outdoor garden of my own, it's just not in the cards at the moment, so I'm doing my best to supplement with my weekly Community Supported Agiculture pick-up (just look at that beautiful bounty) and my own potted herb garden. These wine crate planters are something I'm currently enamored with as an upcycled way to let potted plants outside for the summer. If you have a windowsill or outdoor space wide enough to accomodate a planter you too can have a little garden of your own. First, pick your spot and figure out what direction and duration of sun it gets, then buy plants accordingly. I've planted mint and basil, since they both like a lot of sun and do well in both indoor and outdoor pots. Find a discarded wine crate (most are outside wine shops on trash day or you can ask inside), and fill the bottom with rocks for drainage. Add potting soil (I love Miracle Grow's potting soil mix), plant and water!
You can also use the box as a base to which you can add planted pots, making for an easy way to bring plants inside when winter strikes.
Happy growing and Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend rain or shine.
photograph by gina houseman

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Mary said...

Love it! Gayla is a favorite of mine. I don't know where she finds the time...but I think that about all my favorite crafty/garden bloggers! xoxo