In or out

As a new yorker and design lover, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to use my small home space more efficiently. This summer, since I'm not moving anywhere (YAY!) I'm systematically going through the apartment room by room making each space more useful, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. In order to do this I need to manage the stuff within these spaces, beginning with my wardrobe.
It's finally getting hot outside so as you pull out your summer wardrobes keep these tips to paring down your wearables in mind:
  • If you haven't worn it in the past year it's out.
  • If it doesn't quite fit right (that skirt that rotates around your body when you walk) OUT.
  • If it's all worn and showing holes then pat yourself on the back for getting the full use out of that garment and then send it to the bin.
  • Make notes as to what brands you are keeping, what durable brands stood the test of time, and which brands fell apart quickly or where flash in the pan trends. Keep this list in mind the next time you go shopping, repurchasing from the durable favorite brands and passing up the stores that produced clothes that never made it out of the closet.
  • Locate your nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army. What doesn't fit you just right, may be perfect for someone else.

Happy Organizing!

photograph by gina houseman

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