The home office

Working from home can be a challenge. Especially for me with the kitchen so close by, and the ability for endless coffee, tea, and snacks. There is also the isolation factor. A few things I've picked up in the last few weeks have helped keep me on task.
A scheduled start time. Just because nobody is checking to see if you're late doesn't mean sleeping in will get that design out the door, or the taxes filed etc. I start everyday with breakfast at the kitchen table and then sit down in front of the computer by 10am.
A scheduled break. I run every day, two miles to and from the neighborhood park. I tried to do this in the morning, but it just wasn't working, so now it's scheduled everyday at 2pm. It's far enough into my day that I feel accomplished, and far enough from the end time, that I can use that burst of energy to push through the rest if the day.
Ambient noise for concentration. I'm in the habit of turning on NPR while I prepare and eat breakfast. But that is usually enough news for the day, so once I'm at work, I switch to podcasts while I design, and music plus Coffitivity (gentle sounds of a coffee shop with volume control) when I need to think. Current favorite podcasts are: This American Life, Radiolab, 99% Invisible, and The Moth story hour.
Every now and again, if it's not a week where I visit the studio, I'll still visit a coffee shop, just for the human interaction.

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