1 Week Wednesday

I'm very excited to report that it's been one week since I quit my day job and became full time Papersheep Press. I've really dug in since and been working on some projects, including my booth design for the National Stationery Show this May. With the helpful advice from Jess of With Intention, I'm creating a new daily schedule to keep me on task, on schedule, and not tempted by the comforting distractions of working from home.
This change has been in the works for awhile and I feel like it's happening just right. I worked hard to get a good baseline of clients and had my pricing and workflows structured and in place, so when I took the leap it wasn't into nothingness, but onto the higher level of working through self reliance, and motivation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a fluffy cloud of no worries, or financial backing. I'm sure the challenges of being one's own boss are lying ahead for me, but I feel up to the task.
 If anyone reading this is dreaming of quitting their day job too, my advise would be to work on your passion with whatever free time you can find. Put your feet in the waters of your industry and start making projects. Learn your skills, make mistakes, sharpen your unique angle in the market, and begin to build a presence for your brand while you still have the steady income. Only you can tell when the time is right for you, but with a solid foundation laid out, that day is easier to identify.
You also have to LOVE it. I had a healthy amount of doubt when I first started out. It wasn't until I really put myself out there and got sales and happy clients, did I finally lose the FEAR that was keeping me from realizing that anything that held my attention on the evenings and weekends for years certainly was more than a passing hobby but indeed something I loved to do. And why not do what you love everyday? OK, enough pep talk, I'll have a more detailed example of my schedule soon...

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