My Moon My Man

This past holiday weekend I found myself in a car of fellow photographers/creative souls talking about different ways to display art. One of the places brought up, amongst the MOMA's latest use of a subway station in Brooklyn, was the moving walkways in airports. Airports in general were recognized as an untapped resource for high volume viewing. This conversation reminded me of one of my favorite artists and her own use of the people mover in her creative expression. I hope you will enjoy this video and dream up new ways to showcase what you're making.
On the topic of celestrial powers, I've recently discovered (thanks to yet another genius iphone app) that my honey and I were born in the same moon phase. Another couple I know found the same when they entered their respective birth dates into this lovely invention. Maybe this is my romantic side speaking but, could the moon be the secret to love?

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Katy Kelley said...

If iPhone comes up with an application that can TRULY predict love...then 30 million single women across the globe just dropped some cash-o-la at the Mac store. In related news, 30 million men just logged off of AT&T.